For the Community, by the Community.

The Lawrencetown Community Centre Organization was created in May 1959 by a group of families of Seaforth, Three Fathom Harbour and Lawrencetown along with summer cottage owners, who sought to build a larger and better equipped facility for the area.  Land was donated by Donald MacDonald and Cyril Conrad with some 20 people of the community signing for the mortgage.

Following a ground breaking ceremony in early Spring, the footings were poured in July 1960. While construction was being carried on, the ladies of our community were busily fundraising: ice cream sales on the beach, socials, bingos and 45s, and other events were held.  In early spring of 1961 the Lawrencetown Community Centre opened its doors.

The LCC soon became popular for wedding catering, suppers, various user groups, weekly bingos and dances, 45s, Square Dancing and Badminton helping to generate much needed funds to run the facility. 

On October 28, 1961 the Lawrencetown Community Centre’s Charter was signed by our first President, Mr. Lloyd Schnare of Seaforth. More recently we have completely overhauled the by-laws of the LCC in an effort to make them a bit more in tune with the times and to ensure our survival as one of the few remaining “community” owned and operated community centres. The significant changes were, increasing Board capacity from 7 to 9 members to share in the dedication required to keep the centre in operation and the expansion of the territory that our community centre can reach. We realized that many of our “born and raised” community family who have for one reason or another moved outside of what used to be our by-law boundaries wanted to still be active in the LCC. The new by-laws has increased our geographical reach to ALL of HRM. The objective of the previous Society was to promote community activities including social, recreational, educational, charitable, and sport.  That purpose continues today through the efforts of our dedicated volunteer Board of Directors and generous community support.

Today the community centre is home to several community groups such as Cub Scouts, youth softball, the LCC social dart league, multiple fitness groups, sewing groups and our local Buffalo Lodge. Many weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special milestones are celebrated here. The LCC has hosted several benefits for community members and groups in their time of need. Several “celebrations of life” are held here to recognize the passing of fallen neighbors, and one would be remiss to not mention several annual events that are also hosted by the LCC such as our family Easter event, family Christmas Caleigh and our New Year’s Eve bash.

None of this is possible without volunteers…selfless, dedicated volunteers…everyone has something to bring to the table so please reach out where you can to insure the LCC remains as the community constant that it has been since its inception in 1959!